Amin Tabatabaei, winner of the 3rd edition of El Llobregat Open Chess loses a point at the Sunway Chess Festival of Sitges

The Iranian has been forced to withdraw from the game and not play after being pitted against Israel's Netanel Levi.

The 3rd edition of El Llobregat Open Chess, which counted with the sisters Anna and Maria Muzychuk as ambassadors of the tournament, ended with the proclamation as winner of the Iranian GM Mohammad Amin Tabatabaei after winning the 9 rounds.

Amin, only 21 years old, has a rating of 2,660 ELO points and is currently participating in the Sunway Chess Festival in Sitges, which is held from December 11 to 22, and in which he has been in the situation of losing a point of the classification by not playing in the first round of this tournament in which he has been faced against the Israeli Netanel Levi (2,179 ELO points), of a lower category than M. Amin.
Since 1983 the Iranian Sports Federation forbids its athletes to compete in any championship against Israelis, so according to the rules M. Amin did not play the game against Netanel Levi, with a score of 1 point for Levi and 0 for Amin.

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