Chess that unites: this is how the second day of the Llobregat Open Chess has been intense

The day started with a simultaneous between schoolchildren from El Prat and champions and champions of Catalonia and ended with remarkable results, such as Lagarde's draw against Akash.

The second day of the Llobregat Open Chess has combined intimate and bonding moments with others of intensity, the one linked to the games and the one contributed by the strong storm, which has been one more protagonist of the day.

The day started with a session of simultaneous games between students of the Jaume Balmes school of El Prat and fifteen champions of Catalonia between 10 and 16 years old. The schoolboys did not manage to win any game, but they did manage two meritorious draws. The important thing, however, has not been on the board, but rather in what has happened after the confrontations. The students were able to share a space for dialogue with the Catalan champions. They have been asked about their career and what it is like to become a chess champion. “It creates a unique connection and brings chess closer to them,” explains Patricia Claros, a member of the tournament organization. In many occasions, he continues, chess is seen as a sport that is not at his level, but nothing could be further from the truth for Claros. “Those talks help them see that they can reach that level, it’s all on them,” he assures.

This activity began at 10 am and ended at approximately noon, and is part of the parallel program of El Llobregat Open Chess. Tomorrow, it will be the turn of a human game between two high schools in El Prat.

Intense games

In terms of results, the second day of the international chess tournament has left remarkable endings such as the draw of Maxime Lagarde, French champion and player with the highest ELO of the championship, with Iyer Akash, who has an average 200 points lower. The Frenchman had just played perhaps the longest and closest game of the day yesterday, except for Ravi -2.260 ELO- against Narciso -2.516-, which lasted until almost 10 pm. Lagarde managed to knock down Ibanez yesterday, but today he was unable to beat Akash.

On the other hand, the young Indian promise and U12 world champion D. Gukesh -2.547 ELO- wins his second victory of the championship. Yesterday’s was a more comfortable game for the young chess player, who today showed great technique against Doshi Moksh -2.399 ELO-, whom he defeated with nine minutes left in the box.

The Spanish hope, Salvador del Río -ELO 2,507-, has made a draw against Gupta Sankalp -ELO 2,365-.

Follow the games by clicking on the following link.

About Llobregat Open Chess

The Llobregat Open Chess is an international chess tournament held from December 3 to 11 at the CEM Estruch in El Prat de Llobregat. It has more than 200 registered participants from some forty countries around the world. Among the best players in the tournament, the presence of international and Spanish champions stands out, such as Karen Movsziszian, Armenian and World Veteran Champion with an ELO of 2,491 points; D. Gukesh, from India, U12 World Champion and second youngest Grandmaster in history with a FIDE average of 2,520 points; or Gabriel del Río, absolute champion of Spain and with an ELO of 2,478.520 points; or Gabriel del Rio, absolute champion of Spain and with an ELO of 2,478, in addition to the French Maxime Lagarde, champion of France, and Edouard Romain, with titles of European and French champion to his credit and an ELO of 2,651. Among the Spanish participants is the very young Diego Vergara, U12 state champion with an ELO of 2,138.

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