Pepe Cuenca and ‘el Divis’ Martinez will animate the last day of El Llobregat Open Chess

The two chess masters will broadcast live the closing of the championship from a set installed in the CEM Estruch.

The Llobregat Open Chess is completing its last rounds and already awaits Pepe Cuenca and ‘el Divis’ Martinez to be in charge of energizing the last day of the championship, this Wednesday. The two chess masters will be in charge of broadcasting live the last stages of the Llobregat Open Chess, in a set up in the CEM Estruch itself, where they will welcome anyone who wants to come and meet them. In fact, there are surprises and a prize draw for those who come to the studio to meet them and participate in the broadcast.

The show will start at four o’clock in the afternoon with the characteristic style of Pepe Cuenca when narrating the chess games and the commentary of ‘el Divis’ Martínez, both responsible for the Chess24 platform in Spain. An intense closing of the tournament is expected, since at the end of the ninth round the first four players will face each other in a play-off of rapid games to decide the winner of the first El Llobregat Open Chess.

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