Sixth round at the Llobregat Open Chess: Indian delegation’s blow to the table

The pressure for the advancement of the tournament has returned to reign on the parquet in a day that has offered again surprises in the games of the big ones.

The Indian delegation that has come to El Prat to play the Llobregat Open Chess wants to leave its mark. At least this is clear in group A, where two players from the Asian country have given a blow on the table and have presented a serious candidacy to take the trophy back to the land from where hundreds of years ago came out this sport that is copying the sporting attention in El Prat. It is SL Narayanan, who has resisted the attacks of the great Spanish hope, Àlvar Alonso, in the most outstanding and hard-fought game of the day, which ended in a draw, so that the Spaniard has not managed to close the gap with the Indian.

On the other hand, Arjun Erigaisi also drew against his compatriot Abhimanyu Puranik. Despite the draw, Erigaisi remains a serious contender for victory at El Prat.

The other game that has gathered a great expectation has been the one between the young Evgeny Zanan and Rithvik Raja, which has also ended in a draw.

On the other hand, this day brought another big surprise. And the fact is that the big players are suffering in this El Llobregat Open Chess, and for proof a button: the French champion and player with the highest ELO of the championship, Maxime Lagarde, has punctured today in his game with the Indian Karthik Venkataraman, with 200 points less ELO. On the other hand, Mateusz Bartel, the second best player of the championship, got rid of the world champion of veterans, the Armenian Karen Movsziszian, who lives in Catalonia. Also surprising was the draw of Murali Karthikeyan, one of the best players of the Indian delegation with 2,611 ELO, who finished his game in a draw against Filemon Cruz, with a coefficient 300 points lower.

In another order of things, Tomás Sosa has made a draw with Ori Kobo, as well as Koushik Girish with Mikhail Bryakin. For his part, the young D. Gukesh defeated Iranian Mobina Alisanab, who on the first day of the championship was the surprise of the tournament, defeating Bartel.

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About Llobregat Open Chess

The Llobregat Open Chess is an international chess tournament held from December 3 to 11 at the CEM Estruch in El Prat de Llobregat. It has more than 200 registered participants from some forty countries around the world. Among the best players in the tournament, the presence of international and Spanish champions stands out, such as Karen Movsziszian, Armenian and World Veteran Champion with an ELO of 2,491 points; D. Gukesh, from India, U12 World Champion and second youngest Grandmaster in history with a FIDE average of 2,520 points; or Gabriel del Río, absolute champion of Spain and with an ELO of 2,478.520 points; or Gabriel del Rio, absolute champion of Spain and with an ELO of 2,478, in addition to the French Maxime Lagarde, champion of France, and Edouard Romain, with titles of European and French champion to his credit and an ELO of 2,651. Among the Spanish participants is the very young Diego Vergara, U12 state champion with an ELO of 2,138.

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