Summary of the 3rd round of El Llobregat Open Chess 2022

During the third day there have been clashes of the highest level and quality. Paco Vallejo, once again, confirms why he is an elite player beating with an impeccable game the Argentine Tomás Sosa.

American Grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann continues his winning streak with a victory over Georgian Grandmaster Nikolozi Kacharava.

After an arduous struggle of 6 hours and a half, the Bulgarian Ivan Cheparinov was able to defeat the 15 year old Azeri read samadov, the game was followed with speculation by the rest of the participants and the public around the world at www.elllobregat/chess, because once it was over, the pairings for the fourth round could be known.

With these results, the leading position in the tournament is shared by eight participants who are currently in the lead.

The tournament has reached an average ranking of 2374 ELO points which makes it the strongest Open in the history of Spain and is played under very strict security rules.

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