Summary of the 5th round of El Llobregat Open Chess 2022

The strongest Open in the history of Spain "The Llobregat Open Chess Tournament" does not stop giving us surprises, this Sunday in the fifth round of this event followed by many spectators who follow it live or through social networks did not want to miss the results.

At the end of the afternoon, the leaders Hans Niemann and Paco Vallejo, being in delicate situations in their games, managed to overcome the defeat and tie their games with great tenacity. The first one against Grandmaster Kirill Alekseenko, one of the strongest players of the tournament, and our dear Paco Vallejo against Grandmaster Tin Jingyao from Singapore, who is having an impressive tournament. Also noteworthy is the great triumph of the International Master Aditya Mittal from India, who at only 16 years old and being one of the promises of world chess, brilliantly defeated the Bulgarian Grandmaster Ivan Cheparinov, number 4 in the ranking list. With these results, and after passing the halfway point of the tournament, only three players share the lead: Paco Vallejo, Hans Moke Niemann and Aditya Mittal.

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