The painter Nístal Mayorga, posing with players of the LLOBREGAT OPEN CHESS

Nístal Mayorga, a painter based in Bilbao, has just published the book "Miradas de Campeones", in which she reproduces the images of the oils and watercolors she has dedicated to the twenty world chess champions, who have succeeded each other since the title of world champion was made official: in 1886, Wilhelm Steinitz, the first; the twentieth, Magnus Carlsen, the first chess champion; and the twentieth, Magnus Carlsen, the first chess champion.

EL LLOBREGAT OPEN CHESS will present the winners of this third edition with a copy of the book; the original paintings could be contemplated during the nine rounds of the tournament, in the playing room; and in the auxiliary spaces, their reproductions in totems, produced for the event.

Nístal Mayorga, is working on a new project: to paint a collection of the great female players that have existed in the history of chess.

In the picture we can see her, in the center of the image (with a colorful scarf), photographed with some players participating in the LLOBREGAST OPEN CHESS, and also in the morning blitz organized in the framework of the tournament, for the registered masters. The winner of these rapid games was the female grandmaster, Atousa Porkashiyan, followed by the WGM, Altan-Ulzii Enkhtuul, Maritza Arribas Robaina and the absolute GM and former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

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