Summary of the 7th round of El Llobregat Open Chess 2022

The clashes of the seventh round have left two unexpected leaders at this point with 6 points, International Master Aditya Mittal who defeated his compatriot Aryan Chopra, and the representative of Singapore, Grandmaster Jingyao Tin who played his best game and defeated the controversial American Grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann in a rook endgame.

This afternoon’s clash of leaders will probably lead one of them to the final victory.
Trailing by half a point are German Grandmaster Matthias Bluembaum and Azeri Grandmaster Eltaj Safarli, who will play their eighth round game this afternoon.
Adding to the block of players with 5.5 points, Italian Daniil Dvirnyy will find Hans Niemann, who has 5 points, in the opposite chair.
On the fourth board, the duel between the Spanish Grandmasters Paco Vallejo and Daniil Yuffa is expected, both still with mathematical possibilities of winning the tournament, and on the fifth board, the Austrian Valentin Dragnev will have to face the Chinese Yangyi Yu.

The tournament has the participation of 60 absolute and female Grandmasters and with a total of 175 participants from 43 countries, has achieved the highest average ELO score in the history of Spain for an open event.

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